How Speaking Helps Market Your Books

As you start thinking about your book marketing strategies for 2022, be sure to include speaking as one of them. There’s nothing like your ideal readers being able to hear and see your voice and your personality and make that instant connection with you.

I’m rounding up what some of my past amazing guests have shared about how speaking helps you market your books. You’ll hear from Sarah Geringer, Ruthie Gray, Kathy Green, Christa Hutchins, Misty Phillip, Krystal Proffitt, Katie Reid, Barb Roose and me, your host, Kim Stewart.

We’re sharing about speaking at in-person events, hosting your own podcast, guesting on others’ podcasts, and speaking live with your ideal readers on social media.

Hear what some amazing authors and marketing strategists say about how speaking helps market your books.

Resources mentioned:

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Spark Media Christian Podcasting Conference (2023 in Florida)

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