As a mental health expert, Kim helps me truly move the needle in increasing my name recognition and getting my message further through her PR work.
Licensed Professional Counselor, Author and Speaker
Kim will equip you with everything you need AND MORE to find the podcasting opportunities that will fit you and your ministry. She provides tremendous value, and working with her is a joy!
Speaker and Blogger
Kim is a godsend for my agency. She lightens my load as the visionary by strategically curating podcast pitch lists and customizing personal outreach on behalf of our clients in a way that showcases their expertise while holding true to our value of prioritizing relationships. She consistently lands our clients new opportunities and we often got feedback on how well her pitches are received!
Podcast Visibility Strategist, host of the Go Pitch Yourself podcast
Working with Kim transformed my ability to accomplish my podcast visibility goals. Her services were detailed, timely and thorough. She listens professionally and personally to a client's needs and the outcome necessary to achieve this. Hiring Kim was the best decision I made in progressing past my wish list. She makes that list happen! 
Author, blogger, co-host of Mom to Mom podcast
Kim was a star student in my Impact + Influence course, so much so that I hired her to help my agency find podcasts to pitch our clients to be a guest. Kim is fantastic at finding exactly the right podcasts to pitch as well as crafting personalized pitches to podcast hosts.
PR Expert, host of The Human Connection podcast

Kim is a creative content-generating, social media-savvy word queen. If you want to kick your ministry or business up a notch, build your platform and increase your reach, she's the perfect person to make it happen. I highly recommend her!
Speaker, Blogger, and New York Times Bestselling Author
I’ve always believed that we are #BetterTogether, and Kim has shown that to be true by helping me have a voice as a mental health expert in several new online outlets. By expanding the reach of my message to new venues, she has also reignited my passion for helping others identify practical solutions to their mental health struggles.
Neuropsychologist, Author & host of Your Hope-filled Perspective podcast
Need a strategic thinker to lock arms with? If so, you have found EXACTLY who you are looking for in Kim Stewart. She sees things I don’t even think about.
Author, Blogger, and Speaker
I literally couldn't do what I did in my ministry without Kim's support. She is trustworthy, dependable, genuine, strategic and motivated.
Author, Founder of The Better Life Ministry & co-host of Rootlike Faith podcast
Because of Kim’s work, my ministry is more organized, efficient and directed. Kim was able to see and maximize the smallest details of communicating and implementation.
Author, Speaker, founder of She Laughs Ministries
If you are searching for someone who gives 100% and who is creative, Kim is the perfect choice. She’s savvy, smart, and sensitive to what works and to your unique needs and audience.
Author and Speaker, co-host More Than Small Talk podcast
Kim's ability to identify my audience and create content unique to them was key to my book launch success. I appreciate her passion to not just increase my numbers, but also the relationships that last long past the book's release. I couldn't have done it without her!
Author, Blogger and Speaker
Kim thinks in ways that I don't, enhancing my work to make it even more valuable. She helped me so that I could keep doing all the things I am called to do when otherwise I might have to say no for lack of time or skills.
Author, Blogger and Speaker

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