Using Instagram Authentically to Reach Your Target Readers with Ruthie Gray

Who would’ve thought we’d be living in times where dancing and lip syncing and pointing to text on video would be the way to meet new readers and market our nonfiction books?

… Or is it?

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms for authors to hang out on these days. But what if you don’t like recording the types of videos that Instagram is prioritizing these days?

What about posting pictures in the feed? What about Stories?

How do I engage with my current readers and find new ones?

You have questions. My guest, Ruthie, has answers.

My friend Ruthie Gray is an online marketing coach for female entrepreneurs, and host of the Authentic Online Marketing Podcast. She specializes in teaching relational marketing, specifically how to do it best on Instagram. And she's my go-to gal for learning how to use Instagram authentically.

What can you post on Instagram other than “buy my book”? How can you write attention-grabbing captions? How can you find and engage with new readers?
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Ruthie shares all about:

  • Connecting authentically with your “ideal” followers (readers and book buyers)
  • Balancing your time between posting and engaging
  • Ideas for what to post other than “buy my book”
  • Writing attention-grabbing captions in your posts
  • How to use hashtags effectively both in your posts and to find new readers
  • How to engage with podcast hosts on Instagram before sending a guest pitch
  • Her client success stories of using Instagram to market their books
  • Her new Reels training to help you get started with what’s working best right now

Podcast: Authentic Online Marketing Podcast
Website: RuthieGray.Mom
Instagram: @authenticonlinemarketingpod

Reels Crash Course
Instagram Caption Blueprint

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