Author Spotlight: What’s Working Now with Kathy R. Green

In our first “What’s Working Now” author interview, Kathy R. Green shares how she's meeting new readers today and what she wishes she knew before marketing her books.

Author Kathy R. Green shares how she’s meeting new readers and what she wishes she’d known before marketing her books.
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Kathy shares about:

  • Making connections online and off
  • Building relationships with your target readers on social media
  • Speaking in front of your target audience (in person or on podcasts*)
  • Importance of starting somewhere to show your readers that you genuinely care about them
  • How she works with first-time authors as an Acquisitions Editor

Kathy R. Green is a speaker and author of three books including Meet Me in the Valley: Walking With God Through the Low Places in Life. Kathy has appeared on numerous radio and television shows including TBN and Daystar and since the release of her first book in 2010, Kathy has also helped aspiring authors from around the globe to bring their work to print as a publishing consultant and acquisitions editor. Kathy and her husband live in Dallas, Texas. They have an adult daughter and son who are both married, and three beautiful grandchildren.

Resources mentioned:

Kathy's book: Meet Me in the Valley: Walking With God Through the Low Places in Life

Christian Women in Media Association (CWIMA)



Instagram: @kathyrgreen


Instagram: @kimstewinspired

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