Turning Your Podcast Into a Book with Krystal Proffitt

Got a book idea inside you but not sure where to start?

Have a bunch of podcast episodes in your back catalog just going to waste?

I'm so thrilled to have my podcast coach, Krystal Proffitt, as my guest today on the Book Marketing Mania podcast. Krystal is host of The Proffitt Podcast, and author of Start a Binge-Worthy Podcast book.

When Krystal launched her book a year ago, I couldn’t wait to get my copy and I have loved how it comes so naturally for her to talk about her book on her podcast. It never gets old and I refer to her book often. Week in and week out, her book and podcast, her course and her coaching helped me to launch this podcast.

Krystal Proffitt, host of The Proffitt Podcast and author of Start a Binge-Worthy Podcast is sharing how to write and market your book.

After hearing Krystal share that the content of her book came from her podcast episodes, I couldn’t wait to have her as a guest to dig into what all that entails.

Plus when I have an expert on the show, I always bend their ears on book marketing and podcasting so we talk about ALL.THE.THINGS. We don’t call this Book Marketing Mania for nothing. 😉


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Curate and repurpose your best content

Imposter syndrome is a common hurdle for many creators. When considering what content to repurpose into your book, Krystal recommends curating your best content. By leaning into your strengths and unique insights you bring to your topic, you'll eliminate any self doubt.

Set the stage for book launch success

Setting a launch date isn't just a formality, it's a strategic move to build anticipation and excitement around your book. Krystal underscores how important it is to share your writing journey and engage your target readers early on. That way you'll lay a strong foundation for a successful book launch that captivates your readers and drives momentum towards book sales.

Lead with value when marketing your book

When marketing your book, Krystal recommends leading with value rather than fixating solely on sales. Social proof, testimonials, and generous sharing help promote your book authentically across various platforms you are active on. Focus on cultivating a loyal readership and fostering organic growth for the long haul.

It's an exciting time as a content creator. Even with the ever-evolving landscape, remember that your unique voice, story, and journey never change.

Want to hear a deep dive? Join us on Book Marketing Mania and learn to:

  • [6:28] Take the best of your podcast (and other content) and turn it into a book
  • [12:12] Set a launch date when self publishing to hold yourself accountable
  • [15:31] Overcome your fears of ‘giving too much away’ before your book releases
  • [26:53] Repurpose launch team activities into future book promotions

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