Marketing A Book When You’re Made Like Martha with Katie Reid

If you're in the throes of a book launch or simply curious about what it takes to promote a book successfully, you’re in the right place

My guest this week on the Book Marketing Mania podcast is my sweet friend, Katie Reid, author of Made Like Martha: Good News for the Woman Who Gets Things Done.

Katie Reid, author of Made Like Martha: Good News for the Woman Who Gets Things Done, shares tips on marketing books.



In this episode, Katie shares:

  • How she approached her book launch with a Martha mindset
  • Her tips on planning your book marketing long before you think you need to (even if traditionally published)
  • How hosting a podcast can allow you to keep sharing about your book (without always ‘talking about the book’)
  • Her tips on podcast pitching (from a host’s perspective) even before your book is ready
  • How her ministry to business mindset helps her make money to “do” even more book marketing

Are You Made Like Martha?

Katie's book, Made Like Martha: Good News for the Woman Who Gets Things Done, speaks directly to women who are task-focused. Drawing parallel references from the biblical story of Martha and Mary, Katie explains how Martha's task-oriented nature is not only acceptable but has divine purpose.

Praise God! This message resonates with so many of us who struggle to balance productivity with personal value.

Book Marketing is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

Katie emphasizes an essential truth about book marketing: it’s a marathon, not a sprint. New authors sometimes think the marketing frenzy dies down post-launch, but the reality is far from it. Katie points out that launching a book is similar to birthing a child—it doesn't end once the book is out there; it just begins.

Katie and her co-host Lee have leveraged their podcast, The Martha and Mary Show, with a dedicated Facebook group to maintain momentum. Inside the group they can keep their books in readers' minds subtly yet effectively.

Katie has also been proactive by sending out podcast pitches and securing significant interviews well beyond the book’s release date.

Podcast Pitching Tips for Guests

If you are looking to guest on podcasts to share about your book long before or long after your launch date, Katie has some tips for you.

As a popular podcast host, Katie sees lots of podcast pitches from prospective guests wanting to market their books. Here are some things to consider before sending your next pitch:

1. Avoid generic pitches. Instead, listen to several episodes of the podcast you’re targeting to understand its tone, audience, and format.

2. A comprehensive media kit should include your bio, headshot, book summary, endorsements, and a Q&A section. Providing potential hosts with clear, concise information makes it easier for them to consider you.

3. Given that many podcasts book their guests months in advance, it's imperative to plan your pitches early. Katie recommends starting about six months before your book’s release.

Katie also noted the importance of polite persistence. Sometimes, hosts might not respond immediately, but that doesn’t mean they’re not interested. 

Measuring Success of Your Book Marketing

Katie shares a breakthrough piece of advice from Brian Dixon of Hope*Writers: 

Define what success looks like ahead of time. 

Brian Dixon, Hope*Writers

Without clear metrics, it's easy to get overwhelmed by continually shifting goals. For Katie, a key milestone was securing 50 reviews on launch day—a clear, attainable target that kept her focused.

She also shares how important it is to plan something enjoyable on your book launch day to avoid the obsessive monitoring of numbers. Instead of staring at screens, engage in activities that celebrate your accomplishment in a fulfilling way.

Building Your Book Marketing Team

Katie advocates for enlisting help to prevent burnout. From assistants who handle pitches to friends who lend their marketing expertise, having a support network allows you to focus on what you do best—creating and engaging with your readers.

Monetizing Beyond Your Book

Katie is a big believer in diversifying your author income streams. Relying solely on book sales isn't sustainable. Katie has successfully ventured into:

– Speaking Engagements: Not only do these gigs pay well, but they also provide opportunities to sell books and related merchandise.

– Coaching: Katie offers one-on-one coaching sessions, which can be highly lucrative.

– Courses and Online Products: Katie sells courses and digital products that provide her with passive revenue.

🎧 Earn book marketing money by selling digital products (ep 14)

Embrace Your Marketing Journey

Embrace the journey you are on. Both challenges and rewards contribute to your overall success.

Don't be intimidated by marketing. You have a message to share that can help someone. 

Katie Reid

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Katie M. Reid is the author of Made Like Martha, and A Very Bavarian Christmas, and is the co-host of The Martha + Mary Show podcast. Katie inspires women to live out their God-given purpose with tenacity and grace, as they stand on truth and walk in freedom. 

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