Creating Your Podcast Pitching Strategy

If you are an author wanting to sell more books, grow your email list, attract a publisher, or gain new listeners for your own podcast, guesting on other people's podcasts is a great way to do that.

Start with a strategy

By starting with a strategy, you'll save you time when you start researching and pitching. Today, let’s dig into podcast pitching and talk about putting together your pitching strategy, whether you’re pitching yourself or outsourcing tasks to a virtual assistant or an intern.

Learn the four parts of your podcast pitching strategy to save you (or your VA) time when researching and pitching to guest on podcasts on the Book Marketing Mania podcast with Kim Stewart.

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There’s four parts to your pitching strategy: 

  • Your Why (pitching goals)
  • Your Who (target listeners to reach)
  • Your What (topics to talk about)
  • Your Where (types of shows to pitch)

Resources mentioned:

Jumpstart Your Podcast Pitching (free training)

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