Finding Joy in Marketing Your Book with Yvette Walker

Looking to market your book in new ways that bring joy to you and your readers?

Today I’m so thrilled to welcome my friend, Yvette Walker, to the podcast. Yvette is the author of the devotional, “Whispering in His Ear: A Month of Joyful Conversations with God” and host of the Positively Joy podcast.

I discovered Yvette’s podcast last year and was so happy to meet her in person at the Spark conference in 2021 and get to hug her neck again last month at Spark 2022. Yvette celebrated her 100th episode a while back and also spoke at Podcast Movement, earlier this month.

God has her doing big things and she always does them with lots of joy in her heart for serving others!

In this Author Spotlight episode, Yvette Walker is sharing how she is finding joy in marketing her book, Whispering in His Ear: A Month of Joyful Conversations with God. Plus as host of the Positively Joy podcast, she’s also giving tips on pitching to be a guest on podcasts. It’s all happening on the Book Marketing Mania podcast with Kim Stewart.

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On the show we talk about:

  • being open to times when God reroutes us to be closer to Him
  • creative things Yvette is doing to meet new readers and market her message with joy
  • collaborating with others through podcasting, Instagram LIVE and the Clubhouse app
  • tips on pitching yourself as a guest on her podcast and others
  • Yvette's experience using Podmatch, a service for finding guests for your show and shows for you to guest on
  • and more…because we don’t call this Book Marketing Mania for nothing

Resources mentioned:

Whispering in His Ear: A Month of Joyful Conversations with God

Positively Joy Podcast

Yvette's Website

Yvette's Instagram

Yvette's Facebook

Yvette's Clubhouse

Yvette's Bigger Better Book Club


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