6 Ways to Repurpose Your Interviews as a Podcast Guest

Guesting on podcasts is a great way to build your author platform and market your book long before and long after your book release.

With podcast interviews lasting 30-45 minutes, you’ll discover there are so many incredible things you share and you’ll be like “dang that sounded good, I need to use that again”.

Just sharing your interview once isn't enough. You want to repurpose your interview content to create different pieces of content to continue serving your target readers long after the interview is over.

Why repurpose your podcast interviews?

God calls us to serve people who are hungry for our message through podcast interviews, but it doesn’t end there. You have other target readers who need that same message but they want to discover it and consume it in different ways.

That’s the beauty of repurposing.

In John 6:12, after miraculously multiplying a small portion of food to feed the 5,000, Jesus tells his disciples:

“Gather the leftovers, let nothing be wasted”.

Keep that in mind as your learn about repurposing your interviews as a podcast guest: Let nothing be wasted.

Always make sure your interview content isn’t exclusive to the podcast host and can be repurposed for your own use. Typically the answer is always yes, because it’s your core message and you’re likely sharing it multiple places, but if there is any question, simply ask them.

6 Ways to Repurpose Your Guest Interviews


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1. Share a quote graphic on social.

This is different than when you’re sharing your interview when it airs. Now it’s your own content, you might pull different quotes than the host did. Elaborate on one of your points more in the text of your caption.

2. Create a short video.

Take some of your favorite points from your interview and create a video either with you talking to the camera, or show some behind the scenes footage like you reading the Bible, journaling, things that help you prepare as you write your God-given message. Or share about your personal life, for example if your book is for moms, show your kiddos. Or if it’s for women in business, show your desk or you on Zoom with clients.. Let your followers see the content of your book (and interview) come to life.

3. Write a blog post.

We often think of blogging when we’re podcast hosts and want to turn our show notes into a blog post. But Google and Pinterest love “lists” of information. You could create one blog post from your guest interview, or pull snippets from multiple interviews to create a longer blog post that Google loves as you can use several keywords and phrases to drive traffic to your site. And if you’re on Pinterest don’t forget to pin the post there too.

With your podcast interviews lasting 30-45 minutes, you’ll share so many incredible things from your book and want to use that content again. Here’s six ways you can repurpose your interviews as a podcast guest.

4. Create an audiogram to send with your next podcast pitch.

An audiogram with one of your greatest audio clips from a past interview is great to link to in your podcast pitch. It gives prospective podcast hosts a sample of you as a guest. If you're strategic and pull one that makes sense fo their own audience, they'll think “I want to hear more about that”.

5. Create an email (or two or 3) to send to your subscribers.

Repurpose the content shared on your podcast interview into a valuable email your subscribers can consume and take action on. Maybe a podcast host asked you questions in a really niche way, or asked questions about your message or book that no one has asked you before.

I bet some of your email subscribers might have that same question too.

6. Create a podcast episode if you are a host.

Often times my clients discover that something really great they share on an interview has never even been shared on their own show. You might pull points from several interviews and turn it into one episode or a series on your own show. There are SO many cool ways to host a podcast today and repurposing content into episodes is a great way to start!

Repurpose interviews in a way that works for you.

Podcast interviews make great evergreen content and there are always new readers and listeners to share it with.

Do what works for you and your own readers, and continue to repurpose your podcast interview as part of your content plan.

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