Why Guest on Podcasts? Here’s 9 Ways it Builds Your Author Platform

Ever wonder what the fuss is all about when it comes to podcast guesting? Do you see your fellow writers and authors sharing all the podcasts they've guested on and wonder if that's a marketing strategy for you? Today, I'm sharing 9 ways guesting on podcasts helps build your author platform, long before and long after your book launch.


Resources Mentioned: DOWNLOAD PDF: 9 Ways Guesting on Podcasts Helps Grow Your Author Platform FREE WORKSHOP: 5 Steps to Jumpstart Your Podcast Pitching BOOK A COACHING DISCOVERY CALL Christa Hutchins, Just One Simple Thing podcast and Esther Littlefield, Christian Woman Business podcast Chad Allen, guest on Self-Publishing School podcast Review the podcast: Would you consider writing a quick review to help other authors find the podcast? Just a sentence or two can help other authors discover the show, and I’d be so grateful! Apple Podcasts app: 1. Click here and then click ‘Listen on Apple podcasts‘ OR simply search “Book Marketing Mania” and pull up the show’s main page. 2. Scroll down to “Ratings & Reviews”, tap the stars to rate, and below that, click “Write a review”. Android/Desktop: Click here to go to Podchaser, and then click “Rate Podcast”.

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