5 Lessons Learned Guesting on Podcasts with Kristine Brown

Thinking of guesting on podcasts this year to reach new readers and market your message?

You're in for a treat today. My guest this week on the Book Marketing Mania podcast is my sweet friend, course student, and author, Kristine Brown.

Kristine and I met several years ago in person at the She Speaks conference, and I have loved seeing her writing ministry grow from her blog to featured guest posts to speaking, and of course, to writing two books.

Kristine loves connecting today’s woman with women of the Bible, so guesting on podcasts was a natural fit for her to reach listeners and share her God-given message. Kristine joined my Podcast Pitching 101 mini course last year and I’ve been jumping for joy as she’s put her strategy in place and started pitching herself to be a guest on podcasts.

So imagine my delight when she pitched me the idea for today’s show and wanted to serve you all by sharing 5 lessons she learned from her first 5 podcast interviews.

5 lessons author Kristine Brown learned from her first five podcast Interviews.

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If you have any questions or worries about pitching yourself like….

  • How do I keep track of everything?
  • What happens if something goes wrong with my tech?
  • How do I prepare for the interview?
  • What if I mess up or wish I would have said things differently?
  • How can I learn about the show and host before pitching?
  • How can I keep from getting overwhelmed by all that goes into podcast pitching?
  • Is there a magic “time” to pitch podcasts?
  • How will I know when my interview will air?
  • Do I need to send a copy of my book to hosts?

Kristine answers them all! We don’t call this book marketing mania for nothing.

Kristine Brown is a ministry wife, mom, stepmom, and Mimi. A former chronic worrier, Kristine loves connecting today’s woman with women of the Bible and sharing lessons learned through her website, freelance writing, and speaking to women’s groups. Any given day you can find her texting her young adult kids, checking on neighbors, or searching for a new way to cook broccoli.

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Podcast Pitching 101 Mini Course

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