How a Virtual Assistant Helps with Book Marketing

With all the things to do to market your book, you may decide to outsource some of those tasks and projects. That’s why I invited my friend, Alyssa Avant, on to the Book Marketing Mania podcast. Alyssa is an incredible Virtual Assistant (VA) herself and she trains and coaches new VAs. She's also the host of the The Virtual Assistant Advantage podcast and the founder of the Christian VA Matchmaking Directory.

How can a virtual assistant help you market your book and where do you find one? Alyssa Avant, VA Coach, answers that plus more!
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In this episode, you'll learn:

  • What a Virtual Assistant (VA) is and the types of book marketing tasks they can help you with
  • What you can expect to pay a VA
  • How Alyssa's Christian VA Matchmaking Directory can match you with a VA
  • What to have in place before contracting with a VA
  • What tools to use to communicate with a VA
  • How to become a VA and using Alyssa's directory to find author clients

Alyssa Avant is a Virtual Assistant Coach who coaches, trains and equips virtual assistants to serve their clients with diligence and provide high quality customer service. She connects Christian Business Owners and Ministry leaders with trained virtual assistants through her Christian Business Advantage Virtual Assistant Directory. Alyssa is a wife of 20 years to her husband Greg, a mother of three teenagers, and dog mom to her Basset Hound, Coltrane. She and her family live in a small town in Mississippi.

Podcast: The Virtual Assistant Advantage

Instagram: @alyssaavant


Resources mentioned:

The Christian VA Matchmaking Directory

VA Jumpstart Kit

Prioritizing and Taking Action on Your Book Marketing Ideas with Christa Hutchins (Book Marketing Mania podcast)

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