Earn Book Marketing Money by Selling Digital Products

Are you overwhelmed by all the things to do to market your book, but also how to pay for it? A website host, email service, advertising, coaching, courses, virtual assistants…the list goes on and on.

Today on Book Marketing Mania, my guest, Becky Kopitzke is sharing how you can earn book marketing money by selling digital products.

Overwhelmed by all the things to do to market your book, but no money to pay for it? Becky Kopitzke shares how you can earn book marketing money by selling digital products on the Book Marketing Mania podcast with Kim Stewart.

Becky is a business coach for Christian communicators, founder of The Inspired Business and the author of four books including Love Because: How to Change the World One Blessing at a Time

She is passionate about helping you earn an income to help get your God-given message out into the world.



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Shift your mindset from ministry to business

Becky shares how she finally realized as a Christian author and speaker that her work could generate an income.

Spurred by a conversation with her husband, Becky saw that the possibilities were endless for her writing and marketing to sustain her ministry.

“It's a subtle but important shift to place a value on the work you do as a Christian communicator.”

Becky had been spending so much money keeping her blog and book marketing afloat. Once she started earning money to cover those costs, she was inspired to keep doing the work she loved that God called her to.

Monetize your ministry with integrity

Becky's approach to earning an income from her writing and marketing is rooted in God-honoring principles.Β 

It's not about earning money for the sake of money, it's about earning money because of what it can do for your ministry.

Nurturing relationships in marketing

Networking and relationship-building are key components of Becky's marketing strategy. By fostering genuine relationships and prioritizing collaboration over competition, Becky has created a supportive network that elevates her work and expands her reach as an author.

I've found more champions for what I do just through networking with other authors, and then vice versa, I am eager to champion what they do.

If we go into networking and relationships with a heart to give, they will want to reciprocate.

Leveraging online marketing for growth

Becky uses multiple avenues of online marketing to connect with her audience and grow her business. Whether it’s email marketing, podcasts, or video teaching, she uses them all to deliver content to her audience.

Becky's journey is so inspiring. I hope you realize that you can monetize your ministry work with grace, authenticity, and God-honoring principles.Β 


Want to hear Becky's deep dive? Join us on Book Marketing Mania and learn:

  • How she discovered her skillset to contribute to, not drain, the family's income
  • The different ways she makes money in her business (including selling digital products)Β 
  • The Inspired Business (formerly Ministry to Business), the company she co-founded for Christian communicators
  • How to create and sell digital products from your book or blog 
  • How an automated sales funnel makes you money while you sleep (or write or spend time with your family)
  • Her Profitable Digital Products Method course to help you get started

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Profitable Digital Products MethodΒ (course)
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