6 Steps to Turn Your Blog into a Podcast

Have you been blogging for a while and now you're thinking about starting a podcast?

Don't let all those blog posts go to waste. Repurpose them by creating podcast episodes.

Today welcoming my friend, Alana Dawson, to the Book Marketing Mania podcast. Alana is a podcasting coach and host of the Podcasting Party podcast. She is so passionate about helping women create, grow and monetize a podcast and she’s helped many of my favorite Christian podcasters get their start. She knows a thing or two about podcasting through not only hosting her own podcast for the past 2 ½ years, she also co-hosted the popular Mom Wants More podcast for two years, who I imagine many of you listened to as she interviewed some of our favorite Christian mom authors.

Turn your popular blog posts into podcast episodes in 6 easy steps with Alana Dawson on the Book Marketing Mania podcast.

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On the show we talk about:

  • 6 steps to create podcast episodes from blog posts
  • Consistency in podcasting
  • Collaborating with others to grow your show
  • Using a podcast to flesh out your book ideas before creating your book proposal

Resources mentioned:

6 Simple Steps to Turn a Blog Post into a Podcast Episode Cheatsheet
Alana's PodcastHER membership
Alana's Podcast
Alana's Website
Alana's Instagram

Alana Dawson is a podcast coach, editor, and podcast producer who is on a mission to take the overwhelm, frustration, & stress out of podcasting, and put the fun back in! Alana is the host of The Podcasting Party podcast, where she shares simplified step-by-step instructions, and easy-to-implement strategies for podcasters of all stages & phases. Alana is also founder of the female podcast community PodcastHER, where she helps one-woman-shows impact more lives, generate more leads, and earn more income.

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