How to Be a Bright Light as a Podcast Host

Is starting a podcast on your radar this year?

Whether you’re looking to host or guest on podcasts, we can start doubting ourselves. And if you do make the decision to plow forward, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. 

But my guest today is here to help you with all that!

My friend, Kristin Chadwick, is a podcast producer and podcast coach, and hosts two podcasts herself: Wholistic Hearts and Wholistic Podcasting.

Join us on episode 93 of Book Marketing Mania with Kim Stewart as she chats with special guest Kristin Chadwick, podcast producer, podcast coach, and host of both Wholistic Hearts and Wholistic Podcasting podcasts.

Kristin shares about answering the call to start your own show, overcoming imposter syndrome, timesaving tips, and how we formally connected for this interview through PodPros Podmatch service.


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Kristin's Website
Kristin's Instagram
Spark Conference for Christian Podcasters

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