Connecting and Collaborating on Podcasts as a Valuable Leader with Velma Knowles

Thinking about adding an interview podcast to your book marketing strategy in 2024?

It's a great way to connect with your target readers and collaborate with peers in your niche.

My friend, Velma Knowles, is here on Book Marketing Mania to share her experience podcasting, especially on YouTube.

Velma is a leadership coach, author of The Valuable Leader, and host of the Your Leadership Chat podcast on YouTube.

Velma Knowles, author of The Valuable Leader, and host of Your Leadership Chat podcast shares tips for connecting and collaborating on podcasts.

I couldn’t wait to talk to her about:

  • [1:24] starting her podcast to help market her book
  • [10:30] how she connects and collaborates with guests and as a podcast guest herself to land speaking engagements, and client and reader referrals
  • [14:16] tips if you are thinking of starting an interview podcast

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Favorite quotes:

As a podcast host, you become really good at listening to others.

Hosting leads to guesting as your own guests refer you to other hosts.

Podcasting expands your network tremendously through meeting so many cool people.

Your Leadership Chat focuses on you as a valuable leader and how you're paying it forward.

Leave perfection behind. Practice does not make perfect, practice makes permanent.

Don't forget everything and run. Face everything and rise.

"Don't forget everything and run. Face everything and rise." Velma Knowles on Book Marketing Mania podcast.

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Resources mentioned:

The Valuable Leader by Velma Knowles
Velma's website
Your Leadership Chat on YouTube
The Value of Community (Kim's interview on Velma's podcast)

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