The Enneagram & Overcoming Your Book Marketing Fears with Amy Wicks

Do any of these book marketing thoughts sound familiar?

My message doesn’t matter.

It has to be perfect.

I’m so not worthy.

It’s going to fail.

I’ll never do it as good as she does it.

It’s all out of my control anyway.

Marketing doesn’t come easy for any of us.

That’s why I invited my friend and fave Enneagram coach, Amy Wicks, to be my guest this week on Book Marketing Mania.

What fears do you feel about book marketing? Amy Wicks, author of Should Christians Use the Enneagram, shares the core fears each nine types experience and how to overcome them on the Book Marketing Mania podcast with Kim Stewart.
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Amy is my go-to coach for all things Enneagram and one of the the first people I thought of when I started this podcast. We all approach book marketing differently and as author of Should Christians Use the Enneagram, I couldn’t wait for her to share how our different Enneagram types play a part in that.

If you’re not familiar with the Enneagram, it’s a self-awareness tool that has 9 types that we each identify and lead with. Amy walks us through:

  • Each of the nine Enneagram types
  • The core fears each one may experience as we market our books
  • Tips to overcome those fears
  • Her Wholehearted Enneagram Summit on ‘How To Apply The Enneagram To Motherhood, Relationships, and Your Day-To-Day Life'

Resources mentioned:

Wholehearted Enneagram Summit

Should Christians Use the Enneagram?

Simply Wholehearted

Amy @wholeheartedenneagram on Instagram

Schedule a free 15-minute Enneagram coaching call with Amy

Wholehearted Enneagram One-Sheet

The Simply Wholehearted Podcast

Self to Lose, Self to Find: Using the Enneagram to Uncover Your True, God-Gifted Self by Marilyn Vancil 

Funny How Life Works with Mike Jr. podcast with guest Amy Wicks

Amy is a faith-based Enneagram Coach, speaker, and author who lives in Kansas City with her tree-climbing arborist-husband and three kids, who can often be found on the limbs of a tree themselves. She is also host of the Simply Wholehearted Podcast, and author of Should Christians Use the Enneagram, and co-author of The Unseen Way. She  loves giving her time to the moms at Radiant Church in Kansas City over a good cup of coffee.

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