The Tension of Time in a Book Launch

When launching a book it can be overwhelming to look at all the things that need to be done. Where in the world will we find the time? 

Rebecca George knows this struggle all too well as a first-time author. She hosts the popular Radical Radiance podcast, and is author of Do the Thing: Gospel-Centered Goals, Gumption, and Grace for the Go-Getter Girl.

Rebecca George on the tension of time and capacity, how to prioritize time for marketing our books, how to discover your own unique voice as an author, and a super fun way of collaborating with other authors to create an enticing preorder gift on the Book Marketing Mania podcast.

Rebecca joins me to talk about the tension of time and capacity, how to prioritize time for marketing our books, how to discover your own unique voice as an author, and a super fun way of collaborating with other authors to create an enticing preorder gift.



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The Overwhelm of Book Marketing

Rebecca relates to your struggles of marketing your book while managing everything else in life. She calls it “the tension of time and capacity.” She introduces us to the concept of the “third lap of the mile,” a metaphor from her marathon training days. The third lap is when fatigue sets in, and you realize youโ€™ve come a long way but still have a long way to go.

“There can be this tension that we hold of being frustrated with all the things that we feel that we have to do as authors and also, I want to be faithful to the call that God's put on my life as as a writer and as a speaker and launching this book.”

Prioritizing time and capacity for a book launch takes intentionality. Rebecca stressed the importance of stepping back to evaluate what you can realistically commit to and create margin for your priorities.

The Reality of Modern Publishing

We're in a time when publishers look to authors more than ever to use their platforms to reach new readers. As frustrating as it can be, acknowledging this shift can enable us to approach our work with grace and intentionality.

โ€œThere's a lot to do and we can either be frustrated by that, or we can realize God has called me to this work in this unique time in the history of publishing.

Rebecca shared a piece of advice from John Acuff that guided her through her launch: “Every day when I wake up, the first thing on my mind is, who hasn't heard the message that I have to share, and where can I go find them?”

This mindset helps you stay focused on your mission and frame your marketing efforts around reaching new audiences rather than getting bogged down by a never-ending to-do list. For Rebecca, this included appearing on around 75 podcasts, which she calculated was roughly a full 40-hour workweek.

Harmony Over Balance

Rebecca encouraged us to shift our focus from “balance” to “harmony.” The word “balance” often feels unattainable, but “harmony,” like in a choir, suggests multiple elements working together cohesively.

“What do I need to change in order to craft my schedule and my time in such a way that I'm able to keep a sustainable pace?”

“We have to look at our priorities and responsibilities and find a rhythm that creates harmony rather than stress,” she says. For Rebecca and her husband, this meant prioritizing their Saturdays together since her Fridays were heavy recording days.

Prayer Prompts

Rebecca included prayer prompts in her book to help align your time with God's purposes:

God, help me see my time as a gift from you.

God, help me seek out better harmony in how I spend my time.

God, help me make changes in my schedule that will allow me to serve more efficiently.

“How we spend our time is a stewardship issue,” Rebecca reminds us. It's about using our time, talents, and opportunities to glorify God and advance His kingdom.

Podcasting to Grow Your Author Platform

For those considering starting a podcast, you'll be inspired by Rebecca's journey. Her podcast, Radical Radiance, has been instrumental in her growth as a speaker, her platform as an author, and even in securing her book deal. She shared that many of her endorsements came from relationships built through podcasting.ย 

“Consistency has been key,” she notes. Setting a regular schedule and sticking to it helps to build trust and engagement with your audience. And yes, itโ€™s hard work, but it pays off.

Sometimes, negative thoughts creep in, especially the worry that the market is too saturated. Rebecca's friend offered her a perspective shift: If God deemed it necessary for multiple authors to write the same stories in the Gospels, there's room for multiple voices in the same space. You bring a unique flavor that others can't replicate.

Uplifting Other Authors Through Collaboration

Rebecca is a shining example of lifting others while climbing. She created a pre-order bonus for her book by collaborating with other authors to create a 30-day devotional.ย 

“I thought, how cool would it be to include words from other voices who could speak into these topics?” she recalls. The result was a rich, collaborative resource that enhanced her project and created a sense of community.

Focus on Doing One Thing Well

A crucial piece of advice from Rebecca's book is to “focus on doing the thing really well rather than doing all the things with mediocrity.” This resonates deeply, especially when managing time and expectations during a book launch.

As you juggle writing, marketing, and day-to-day life, remember that:

The outcome is Godโ€™s, but the obedience is yours.

Show up, do your part, and trust Him with the results.

I pray this conversation with Rebecca is a blessing to you! Check out her book Do the Thing to discover more about prioritizing your time, seeking harmony, and leaning in to your unique voice.


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