Let God Light Your Publishing Path with Susan Gabriel

Have a story to tell but unsure how to publish it?

Traditional publishing, hybrid publishing, self publishing … it's enough to make our heads spin!

So I'm thrilled to share a conversation with my new-to-me friend, Susan Gabriel. Susan is an author and co-founder of Soul Sonshine Publishing for Christian authors.

Have a story to tell but unsure how to publish it? Listen to our chat with author and publisher, Susan Gabriel from Soul Sunshine Publishing on #BookMarketingMania!

Susan takes us through her own publishing journey and how it led to starting Soul Sonshine and supporting other authors.

Plus she shares how to keep the priority on following God as an entrepreneur and lots more valuable insights for budding authors.

Since we originally connected on PodMatch, I couldn't wait to also ask about her experience using it as a podcast guest.



Susan shares:

— how she helps writers make their publishing dreams a reality
— what it means to her to follow God in business as an author
— what she’s seeing working well for authors to market their books
— her own experience using PodMatch as a podcast guest

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