Self-Publishing for the Slightly Imperfect with Stacy Kaye

Are you are an author writing your hard story or perhaps your book is written and you're ready to self-publish?

My new friend, author Stacy Kaye, is on the show today to share about her book, “Damaged Goods: A Devotional for the Slightly Imperfect., her journey to publish and market it, and her experience using PodMatch as a podcast guest.

Author Stacy Kaye shares about self-publishing Damaged Goods: A Devotional for the Slightly Imperfect; where she turned for support, and what’s working well for her to market it, including her experience with Podmatch. Join us on the Book Marketing Mania podcast with Kim Stewart.

Stacy shares:

— why she wrote her devotional and who her target reader is
— her #1 tip for writers considering self publishing
— what’s working well to market her book
— her experience with Podmatch as a podcast guest


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Discovering Faith through Life’s Imperfections

Stacy’s devotional, “Damaged Goods,” explores the notion that nobody goes through life unscathed. She describes her work as a collection of personal stories that reflect on how God has helped her navigate various life challenges. Each chapter ends with personal reflection questions, a Bible story related to the topic, and a relevant Bible verse. 

Stacy's primary audience was initially women, but she discovered that her stories resonated with a much broader audience. Many women have gifted the book to their sons and husbands, highlighting how universal her message is. Damaged Goods is not just about HER struggles, but about showing how everyone’s wounds and scars can become testimonies of faith and resilience.

Embracing the Christian Devotional

Stacy and Kim share the beauty of devotionals speaking to readers differently at various times. A devotional can resonate uniquely, depending on one's current struggles and circumstances. This versatility is what Stacy aims to capture in hers, allowing readers to find solace and strength in God's words during different life phases.

The Journey of Self-Publishing

Self-publishing is no small feat, and Stacy navigated this journey with determination and support. She emphasizes the importance of not going it alone, seeking accountability, and finding guidance from others who have trodden the path before. Stacy partnered with, previously known as Self Publishing School, founded by Chandler Bolt. 

Stacy shared how invaluable the resources and support from the program were in her journey. From structuring her book to finding an editor, and from brainstorming ideas to promoting the book—every step was crucial for her success.

Stacy's advice to new writers is to find a coach or a supportive community to help navigate the many facets of publishing.

Marketing the Devotional

Marketing a book, especially a devotional, can be challenging. Stacy found success through podcasts and book promotion sites. She specifically credited Podmatch for connecting her with wonderful podcast opportunities, helping her to reach new audiences and share her message far and wide. 

Podcasts have become a cornerstone of her marketing strategy, allowing her to build relationships and discuss her book deeply and meaningfully with target readers who are in the audience.

Final Thoughts

Stacy’s journey as an author and a Christian is a testament to faith, resilience, and the power of sharing personal stories.

Thanks Stacy for serving my listeners so well!

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