Communicating your brand message with Lindsey Johnson

What’s the difference between ‘brand', ‘voice', ‘messaging' and ‘copy' and why are they so important when marketing our books?

That’s what my guest, Lindsey Johnson, is sharing today on the Book Marketing Mania podcast.

What’s the difference between “brand”, “voice”, “messaging” and “copy” and why are they important when marketing our books? Lindsey Johnson, messaging strategist and copywriter, shares how authors can communicate their brand message to meet their readers’ needs on the Book Marketing Mania podcast with Kim Stewart.
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Lindsey is a messaging strategist and copywriter for women business owners and today she's sharing:

  • How your brand, voice, message, and copy all show up in everywhere you market your book
  • How to discover your brand voice
  • How knowing both your values and your readers’ values help you connect
  • How to communicate with your readers without always saying “buy my book”
  • Creative ways to get reviews that share the transformation readers get after reading your book

Lindsey Johnson is a messaging strategist, copywriter, educator, Lake Superior girl, believer, and wife & momma of 4. Lindsey supports women business owners by refining their marketing messages, amplifying their brand voice, and writing compelling copy so they are confident that their messaging will attract and convert their audience into clients. She works with clients 1:1, but also provides support through a copywriting group program, a growing suite of DIY copy courses, and a podcast called This Is Legacy.

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Lindsey's free 5-day Writing Workshop Challenge

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