Why Writers Need an Online Community with Cara Ray

Do you have other writers around you to offer a helping hand and cheer your message on?

My guest today is Cara Ray, founder of the Writer’s Bloc, a community for Christian writers.

We’ve talked a lot about community on the show as it’s so important to have people around you to collaborate with, lean on to learn from, and to receive encouragement along your writing journey.

Do you have people around you to offer a helping hand and cheer your message on? Cara Ray of the Writer’s Bloc shares about the importance of community for writers on the Book Marketing Mania podcast with Kim Stewart.

I’m thrilled to learn and share with you more about Cara’s community and how it can serve you alongside your writing dreams.

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Cara shares:

  • Why you need an online community of fellow writers 
  • Cara’s journey to starting the Writer’s Bloc
  • What makes the Writer’s Bloc unique
  • How Cara collaborates with other writers in the community 

Resources mentioned:

The Writer’s Bloc (free trial)
The Seasons of Creativity resource
Cara's website
Cara's Instagram

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