Podcast Pitching 101 for Authors

Resources for Lesson 1


How to leave a review for a podcast – Krystal Proffitt

Instagram Strategies with Ruthie Gray

Instagram Insiders Hacks podcast with Ruthie Gray

9 Ways Guesting on Podcasts Helps Grow Your Author Platform – Kim Stewart

Attracting publishers by proactively guesting on podcasts – Self Publishing School podcast #78 with Chad Allen, founder of the Book Proposal Academy
(Chad shares about guesting on podcasts as a goal for your book proposal around the 16:00 mark)


Metrics to track when podcast guesting – Angie Trueblood, Go Pitch Yourself podcast

How guesting on podcasts helps you grow your own show + how to prepare for an interview – Angie Trueblood, guest on Wit & Wire podcast