Three Reasons You’re Avoiding Marketing Your Book

Do you find yourself thinking “if only I had more time to market my book”? 

Perhaps there are distractions getting in your way.

Or maybe you’re avoiding marketing all together.

Dalene Bickel shares the ways authors avoid marketing their book including fear, overwhelm, and frustration and how to overcome them on the Book Marketing Mania podcast.

Today on Book Marketing Mania, author Dalene Bickel, host of the Ink and Impact podcast, is sharing three ways you might be avoiding marketing your book, and how those actually start with the places and strategies you choose to market it.

Let’s face it: marketing can be intimidating, especially for authors who'd rather be writing their next book!

But the truth is, you can’t ignore marketing if you want your book to reach the right audience. 



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Dalene and I discussed three primary reasons why you might be steering clear of marketing and provided some practical strategies to help you overcome these hurdles.

1. Fear

Fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of putting yourself out there – it’s a biggie. Dalene emphasizes that this fear often stems from a place of insecurity and self-doubt. But remember:

Marketing isn’t about you – it’s about the message you’ve been given to share.

“Marketing is about helping people and sharing the message God has given you, not self-promotion,” Dalene says. Understanding this can help shift your perspective and alleviate some of that fear. You’re not just trying to sell books; you’re offering value and potentially changing lives.

One of the best ways to tackle fear is through preparation and practice.

Start small and build your confidence gradually. Create your author website and establish an email list early in your writing journey. This gives you a base to build on and makes the idea of marketing less intimidating when your book is ready to launch.

2. Overwhelm

Let’s be honest, the sheer number of marketing strategies can leave anyone’s head spinning. Social media, newsletters, blog posts, book signings, and the list goes on. If you’re feeling this way, you’re not alone.

Dalene’s advice? Build gradually. Don’t try to do everything at once. “Starting early and gradually building foundational elements like a website and email list can make a big difference,” she says. This slow and steady approach helps you avoid the boom-and-bust cycle of frantic marketing efforts followed by burnout.

Also, prioritize where your readers hang out. Are they on Instagram, or perhaps Goodreads? Focus your efforts on channels that match your readers' preferences and your strengths. If you’re more comfortable writing, start with a blog or email newsletter. If you love making short videos, dive into Instagram or YouTube.

Dalene also suggests taking a hard look at your current efforts. Evaluate what’s working and what’s not. Be honest. Sometimes, you might be putting effort into strategies that don’t really yield results. And that’s okay! It’s a learning process. Adjust and keep moving forward.

Wondering if what you're doing is working? Audit your marketing strategies to see!

3. Frustration

Frustration hits hard, especially when you feel like you’re putting in tons of effort but not seeing immediate results. It’s important to remember that marketing is a long game. Instant success is rare, and persistence is key.

“Analyze marketing strategies that may not be yielding desired results, including using social media algorithms effectively and being honest about effort and results,” Dalene advises. The focus should be on refining your approach and staying consistent.

Also, don't be afraid to seek feedback from others. Ask fellow authors or book marketers about what has worked for them. Being part of a community, like Dalene’s Inkwell Collective, can provide support, guidance, and an opportunity to pray and grow together.

Trust in God’s Plan

Throughout our conversation, Dalene emphasized the importance of trusting in God’s plan for your marketing efforts. She believes that honest self-evaluation and looking to God's word for guidance can help you stay focused and aligned with your higher purpose.

“Seek God's will in your marketing efforts,” Dalene says. This mindset shift can be incredibly empowering. When you see marketing as part of your calling, it can take on new meaning and become less of a chore and more of a mission.

Practical Strategies for Effective Marketing

Now, let’s get into some practical strategies that Dalene shared to help you gain visibility and connect with your readers.

Book Bundle Giveaways.

Partner with other authors for a giveaway. This can expand your reach and introduce your book to a wider audience.

Podcast Promotion

Podcasts are a fantastic way to get your message out there. Reach out to podcast hosts in your niche and offer to be a guest. It’s a win-win – you get exposure, and the podcast gets fresh content.

Watch Kim and Dalene dive deep into podcast guesting on the Ink and Impact podcast.

Book Expos and Conferences

Events like book expos and writing conferences are excellent for networking and getting your book in front of potential readers and industry professionals.

Library Book Signings

Don’t overlook your local library! Hosting a book signing can be a great way to engage with your community and build local support.

Social Media Engagement

Platforms like TikTok and Facebook can be incredibly effective if used wisely. Remember to engage authentically and build relationships.

Guest Blogging

Writing guest posts for other blogs can help you reach a broader audience and establish your authority in your genre. Here's more ways you can collaborate with peers to champion each other's messages.

Build Confidence and Overcome Hesitancy

Building confidence is crucial for overcoming the fear and hesitation you feel around marketing. One way to do this is by ensuring your book is top-notch. You need to create a quality book that you are proud to display and promote.

Also, set realistic goals and don't be hard on yourself if things don’t go perfectly. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your author platform won’t be either. Celebrate small victories and keep pushing forward.

Avoiding marketing altogether might seem easier, but it’s a disservice to your hard work and your God-given message. By addressing fear, overwhelm, and frustration head-on, marketing will feel less like a burden and more like an exciting part of your journey.

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Special thanks to my guest, Dalene Bickel, a book coach, host of the Ink and Impact podcast, and author of The One-Year Collection of Weekly Writing Prompts.


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